Thursday, April 12, 2018

Golden Ring

I work part-time.  Some days I think it is worse than working full time.  I work afternoons, so my mornings are spent doing chores here at home.  The problem, most days I have done a day's work before I go to work.  A few years ago, my boss Sam said something to me about what did I do before I came to work every day.  I gave him the short list.  He laughed and told me I should work full time, and then I would get a break.

When we walked the dogs this morning clouds of yellow pollen were already floating through the air.
This evening when I drove home I looked across the foothills in the horizon and saw what looked like smoke filling the valleys and hill tops.  It was pollen.  Storms are moving through this weekend with heavy rain, don't want the storms but sure hope the rains wash some of the yellow stuff away.

But the flowers, the flowers this year are the most beautiful they have been in many springs.  Our fruit trees are loaded and there are blueberries beginning to ripen.  Keeping my fingers crossed that crops are plentiful.

The picture this evening caught my eye this morning walking the dogs.  I thought it looked like a golden ring of daisies in the forest.
Enjoy your Friday, watch out for the rain and storms.  Spread some kindness.


  1. It's amazing whet you can get done in a day and still have the energy to work. Until I retired I worked full time and still did everything at home too. Now I don't even do half as much as I did then. When we have no dead line to meet, It seems we take our time more and more. I love your ring of posies. What a beautiful sight!

  2. A marvelous walk.

    Do you and Rick ever go "mushroomin'"?