Friday, February 15, 2019

Taz in a Blanket

I spent the day training two of our counselors.  It was a jammed packed day with two more Fridays to go.  I had worried that I had pushed them too hard, but when they left today both told me how much they had enjoyed it.  I breathed a sigh of relief.   Tonight I am exhausted but I think I did a good job today.

When I got home this evening, Taz was not on the sofa to greet me. I called her name, but I didn't hear her tiny paws on the wood floors.  I started to get nervous, but then I called her name one more time and her tiny little head peeked out from beneath our feather lap blanket on the sofa.  She and I use it when when we nap.  Rick says he saw her shiver and remembered how much she loves our blanket so her covered her up.  In the meantime he went to pick up Chinese and I arrived home from work looking for Taz.

Just a shout out to Rick, not having to cook dinner tonight was major.  Thanks for picking up carry out, you are the best.

Enjoy your weekend.  May you find kindness everywhere you go.

1 comment:

  1. After a full day working, it's nice not having to prepare a meal. We had Chinese food last as well as well. Taz looks cute all wrapped up.
    Hugs, Julia