Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I had an unexpected off day.  Our building was hosting a training seminar for our nursing staff and there was a space shortage so my room was needed.  It has been nice to have an unplanned day.
I have done a ton of house work, cleaned out a closet and we had a nice rehearsal for our gig next weekend.  I am a tired, but it's a good tired.

This evening we had more rain and more to come tomorrow.  Finally the earth no longer looks dry and baked.  Waiting for cooler temps and I will be so happy if they arrive.

Taz visited the vet today for her yearly.  Our vet and her staff are awesome, but Taz is not a fan.
It might be the shots, maybe the nail clipping,  the prodding, all that goes along with the visit.
She came home and sulked for a couple of hours, I am sure she was wishing she could get into my shoe closet.   She would have had her way with my nice leather boots.

My cup of hot tea awaits and so does the bed.  Enjoy your mid-week tomorrow, do something that brings you joy.

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  1. How great to have an extra day off. Sounds like you really made the most of it ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !