Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Self Love

" Everything changes when you begin to love yourself.  You  no longer send out energy of desperation or need to be filled from the outside.  You become a powerful source within yourself that attracts better.  The more you love who you are, the less you seek validation and approval."   - Idil Ahmed

My women's class loved this quote today.  But honestly, so did the men's class yesterday.  It is a powerful message and a truth.  Self love is not egotistical or arrogant.  Self love is survival.


  1. How very, very true!
    I often mention retirement as our really last chance to listen to ourselves, to love ourselves; we've got the time and the means. But no, many of us are looking for a way to run away from themselves by seeking work outside either for money or as volunteers. They ignore their own problems and mainly rely on meds which ultimately bring about dementia and dependence on others.

  2. Very meaningful no matter who you are.