Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Perfection

Summer perfection......gardenias from my garden, a super moon.
Treatment week, so my juice is running down, but life is good.
My whole house smells of gardenia, the alabaster blossoms and deep verdant leaves fill every vase I have.
The super moon is peeking through tree branches and the lace curtain that hangs over the window in the office.  Calliou lies sleeping in the floor by my chair, in the same spot Blackie Bear once commanded.
These moments, I pray, remain etched in my brain for eternity.
It has been a weekend of all good, friends, food,
flowers and a full moon.  I hope your weekend has been this good.
June is winding down, summer is about to explode in all its brightness.
Blessings of warm sunny days, nights filled with stars, and all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat.  May fireflies guide you through the darkness and dragonflies protect you in the light of day.


  1. Nice piece of Carnival Glass in the picture. Grapes & Vine, i think it is called. Have a good week Jilda

  2. Life little blessings comes to us in so many ways.
    Love Gardenias but they can only grow indoors here. How lucky for you to have one growing in your yard.

  3. This is my treatment week too Jilda. I find that I am over emotional getting myself ready for another session, trying to get the jobs done before because I know how tired I will be after. I am getting into the rhythm of the time but I do not have to like it a bit. I have two chemos left and then start the radiation part of my treatment and I am trying very hard to keep positive and not feel sorry for myself (feeling sorry is a useless waste of energy I know). Your very positive posts have helped me a great deal over the past several months. I want to thank you again for writing with such honesty and courage and strength. Sending you love and very positive thoughts for your treatment this week.


  4. Perfect moments - glad you had such special ones.

  5. You are as fragrant and delicate and beautiful as these gardenias! Take care

  6. Such delicate flowers, simply lovely!

  7. Beautiful, musical post, Jilda. Thank you.