Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be Grateful

Everyday I make a gratitude list, sometimes it's mental, sometimes I type it on the notebook on my phone....
Tonight, I thought I would share today's list with you.

I am grateful.......for the early morning sunlight that filtered through the blinds of our bedroom window casting
streaks of gold across the bed.
I am grateful......that for the first time in three years, the lung infection that lives in my body is controlled
I am grateful......that I have the energy to work in my garden
I am grateful......that I have the breath to sing
I am grateful.......for incredible blue skies and gentle breezes
I am grateful......dogs love me
I am grateful.....for the opportunity to teach yoga and a peaceful way to life to those who seek it
I am grateful......for a husband with a sense of humor
I am grateful.....for friends who don't forget me
I am grateful.....for hugs
I am grateful.....for this day

Making a gratitude list is important.......I know there are days when there seems to be nothing in your life that you can be grateful for......but if you take a deep breath, and find one thing to be grateful for.....your list will grow.......and with gratitude, comes joy.  Before you go to sleep tonight, think of one thing that you are are grateful for, when you wake up in the morning think of more thing.
Be grateful.


  1. That's how I start and end my day. In my journal I have written a litany of gratefulness. I always say that a grateful heart is a happy heart.
    Have a gratitude filled weekend.


  2. I am grateful I have a friend that writes a blog that keeps me thinking and on target...
    Have a lovely day...

  3. I am grateful for your blog. So many simple ideas that I tend to forget in the hustle bustle of life. Thanks for jogging my mind.

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  5. Beautiful list, Jilda. Very inspiring.

  6. I just found your blog. Love reading it. I have had a lot of sadness in my life for the past four years.......I lost my mother 2009 and my father 2013 (less than two months ago). I do try to be grateful for all I have but, sometimes I think what have I done to end up with a life that I have. However, after reading your blog post. I understand not every day is going to be perfect. Thank you for sharing, Pamela