Sunday, June 9, 2013


I hear the rain drops falling on our tin roof and the trees outside my window.  I gaze at the lace curtain as twilight shades the evening sky........I love Sunday evenings.  They are a respite for me, time to wind down,
think about what took place last week, watch a movie or read.  I don't worry about class notes ( I do those on Monday mornings) I don't work my day planner (that starts again on Mondays).

Sunday evenings are chill time.....I hear the fountain in the great room, Calliou the Collie is soundly sleeping in the hall. Everything feels so is the perfect way to start or end the week.

I think my dad inspired the peacefulness that I feel on Sundays........Sunday mornings, he got the morning paper, he read the news, I read the comics.  After church,  there was usually a trip that involved ice cream, and always at our house a Sunday afternoon nap. Sometimes, we'd  take our grandparents for a Sunday drive.  Maybe my parents friends would drop by for cake and coffee........I loved those Sundays.

Sometimes our Sundays are slammed........when they are, I feel so cheated.  Monday through Saturday can be off the charts busy........but I need my Sundays to be slow.  I crave that day to sit on the deck and drink coffee, that morning to read the comics......that time for nothingness.  Some Sundays I watch the birds at the feeders, I think they know it is Sunday too.  Their feeding is not so frenzied, the squirrels are not so annoying.  Walking through these woods on a Sunday feels like a spiritual journey, the breeze seems fresher,
the smell of the dirt, feel the connection of spirit, you feel the connection to earth.

Sundays prepare me for the coming week.......they give me emotional and physical strength.  Sunday evenings, the whole world feels at peace. If I could give you all a would be a Sunday evening, just like I am having right now.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I love a rainy night and a rainy Sunday night is lagniappe! Have a great week~

  2. We don't do much on Sunday either...Church, naps, maybe a visitor or two for's my favorite day of the week! Sunday night I'm usually thinking about getting ready for my Monday madness at work! Except today I have a day off and I really enjoyed my Sunday night! We had rain too and it's still at it today..but that's OK...I can get a ton of stuff done with or without it! Have a good week!