Saturday, June 8, 2013

Festival Fun

Rick and I played an Arts Festival today.  We love playing for Arts Councils......after all, they support the arts.
Thanks to our friend Fred for shooting this photo.

I saw some beautiful pieces of jewelry.....a light fixture made from old silver ware that would be perfect for our creative space........of course incredible paintings and photographs.  I love being around creative souls. The energy is different, artists seem to see the good, to feel hopeful, to see beauty where there seems to be none.

If you have not been to an arts/music festival this summer, find one and'll be glad you did.  Not only for the music and art, but there is nothing quite like a hot dog and funnel cake, cotton candy and corn on the cob. I also saw some beautiful dogs.  It was a warm sunny day, you could hear the creek flowing over the rocks and everyone you saw was smiling. Little kids ran through the grass barefoot, strangers said hello as though we were old friends.

Tomorrow Rick's family has their annual reunion.....this has been a long weekend.......and finally I finished the
vacation laundry this afternoon.  I hope you all are having a glorious weekend( maybe not as busy as ours).
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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