Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What A Deal

Our friends Tony and Liz from Ireland, call Alabama the "hot country."  That is a correct description tonight.
We have had a rainy cool spring.....summer's heat and humidity came down hard today.  Temps in the mid-90's, humidity 80% and lows in the 70's tonight.......it is summer time.

The gardenias are blooming.  The heat and humidity increase their scent ten-fold.......I could smell their sultriness when I got out of my car this evening. The sweet muskiness left me light-headed.  If you like the color green, this is your place right now.  The lush vibrant shades of green glow in the sunlight and shimmer in the shade.  Blue hydrangeas are the color of western skies, everything is technicolor.

I sat on the deck this morning and sipped my coffee......I could hear Zeus crowing, urging the neighborhood to get up and enjoy the day.  I just thought about how good it was to be alive, to feel the moist heat on my skin, to smell the wet dirt and grass, to hear birds singing.  I wished that everyone I knew could have a morning just like it.  Five minutes......of great coffee, of blue skies and a cool breeze, gardenias and rosemary, and a moment to whisper thanks for those blissful five minutes.

Five minutes, I speak of those five minutes so often.......but they will change your day.  Five minutes....to breathe, be aware, to express gratitude......five minutes daily, will change your life.  Five minutes out of twenty-four hours......what a deal.


  1. I love this post. Thanks for reminding me that it doesn't take a great deal of time to appreciate what has been given to us.

  2. I'm usually hitting those 5min. at the end of the day and it's good too! A quiet night..a cool breeze..a starry sky...a cup of herb tea..or maybe a campfire!

  3. So true. And I need a yoga class today. It will take me longer than five minutes. Take care.

  4. I'll be over in ten to have my five! Sounds heavenly!

  5. ya'll come on over, we'll make a pot of coffee, listen to Zeus and smell the gardenias.