Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  I know, usually that is said about any day but Monday.....I like Mondays.  It is the beginning of a brand new week, it's back to work after a weekend, a time to get the routine cranked up again.

I like Mondays......they are fresh new starts.  If you had a bad day on Friday, you have the opportunity to make it work better on Monday.  If your weekend was off the charts, Monday gives you the chance to rest,
digest the good times, and tell all your friends about your weekend.

I love Monday mornings, sitting down with my first cup of coffee, getting my day planner out, and starting my plans for the day and the week. If you blew your diet, or your exercise routine or whatever last week or the worry, it's Monday......a brand new day, a brand new can regain can start anew.

Today was a rainy Monday, torrents of rain and bolts of lightening flashed as I got ready for work........but the rain quenched the garden's thirst, washed my car, and cooled down the heat. Not many showed up for community yoga class tonight, but those who came got a temple massage ( Happy Monday). I know some Mondays can be quite blue, a job you hate, back to class(and you don't have your homework) or maybe you just had so much fun over the weekend, you can't bear to face Monday.  Change your attitude about Mondays, welcome those new beginnings, that brand new week, that chance to make last weeks mistakes all better.

Happy Monday......a brand new day......a brand new week.


  1. Jilda, Mondays are not much different than the rest of the week as far as work is concerned. I work 7 days a week with no vacations unless they are forced vacations like funerals and family matters.
    I know that it's not the norm but I have not much choice. The only difference on Mondays is that I have to take my bone building pill once a week.

    I love everyday of the week. They are really great gifts and every one of then is a chance to start over.

    Have a great week.

  2. Thank you for a new view on Monday-I truly will keep this in mind.