Sunday, June 30, 2013


Half-gone.......2013 is half gone.....six months it did go by so fast?  Where have the past six months gone?
Why does time drag by so slow when you are a kid, and after the age of forty, flies by?
I saw my first advertisement for fall clothes this week, people on FaceBook are already talking football.
As adults do we compress time?  Do we somehow alter our perception, with our plans and schedules and time actually moves faster?
My mom use to tell me when I would wish for Christmas vacation or summer vacation that I was wishing my life away........did I do that?
Did all those wishes I made wanting to hurry up and grow up come true?  If so, oh how I wish I could take them back!
How can four hours  in those big green chairs pass so slow, yet the twenty something days between each drip pass so fast?
Wow, I think I am in a state of shock, the realization that today is the last day of June, 2013.
I have reverted to no longer wearing a watch when I am not at work......I didn't even take one with me on the cruise we took.  Maybe if I don't know what time it is, time will slow down..........:)
I remember my grandparents and their attitude toward time.......they went to bed at sunset, they got up at sunrise......they had one Big Ben wind-up clock in their house.  It seems every appliance and gadget we own
has a clock to remind us of the passing of time now days. We all, in so many ways seem obsessed with time.
Someone once asked me how my life would change if I didn't know how old I was, if there were no clocks or calendars in my life......interesting food for thought.
With all these musings on the passing of time tonight, I have probably had too much time on my hands today. :)
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Sometimes I wish we could go back to those days when time seemed to pass by much slower.

  2. We spend lots of time sleeping, showering and priming, eating, commuting, working, waiting,shopping, blogging, relaxing, complaining and not much time changing our lives for the better.

    Happy 4th of July

  3. Shirley and I gave up our watches when we retired in 1987. What year is it now?

  4. I know I joked before that microwaves were to blame for time going faster...but there is a scientific reason actually...when we're children we haven't experienced life and the day to day things that we now have done over and over it seems to our brains that time is going slowly..since we've grown older we've already experienced the day to day life happenings and our brains make us feel like time is going faster..I know I probably didn't explain that clearly but that's how it was explained to me a few years ago by some expert! (It's truly not "doctrine" by YaYa!) When my oldest grandkiddo graduated this year, I really felt like time had flown..that's why my hair looks so crazy...time has whipped by me!