Monday, June 24, 2013

Claim Your Space, Shine

Moon Salutations took place in yoga classes today........after all, we had to greet the super moon.  I love teaching the particular set of moon salutations that I taught today, they are "big stretches."  At the beginning of class I talked about how often some of us feel small or invisible........those are the times you need to claim your space.  My favorite posture or stretch for claiming your space.......five point star.

Anytime you feel yourself growing "small" or you feel a five point star and take ten breaths.
So how do you do a five point star?   Start your stance with your feet firmly planted on the mat or floor, with your feet at least 24 inches apart, lift your arms and spread them wide, spread your toes and fingers.......allow yourself to feel grounded and strong, think of energy flowing from your toes to your fingertips,let yourself take as much space as you can.  Take ten nice deep even breaths........Claim your space!  See yourself as the bright shinning star that you are.

I look at everyone in the class as they do these five point stars, you see postures change, faces change......there is an empowerment that comes with this yoga asana.  Sometimes life beats us up so badly,
that we truly shrink, we try to disappear, but those are the days we need to shine......those are the days we need to claim our space.    If you light is starting to dim, if you feel yourself getting smaller and smaller,
stand your stance.......lift your arms........feel the energy from fingers to toes.......take some deep slow breaths........claim your space.......and SHINE!


  1. I stood up, did the five point star. Sat back down and almost passed out!
    lol But man, I sure felt a moment of bliss. Thanks for the fun!

  2. Love this. I gotta try it now.

  3. I'm only 5'2" and I don't feel small but I'll try it anyway.
    Have a big space day.


  4. I'm not sure which asana it is, but doing yoga is good enough to feel the intimate connection to the universe. Thanks, Jilda.