Friday, June 7, 2013


So here is the gang on the cruise left to right......
my sister Pat, me, Rick, niece Jayna, my niece Becky and her husband Jeff and my great nephew, Jared.

The dinning room was our favorite place to hang out.
The ship was full, and it was difficult to find quiet spots, but Rick and I managed.

It was strange being surrounded by water, I had the most bizarre dreams every night.  Most included water in some way.

Rick and I played our favorite game daily.......what is their story?  As we sat and watched people walk by, we told each other stories about what we  imagined
their lives were like, what they did, where they were from.  I loved the Bahamas, and the locals that we met. Their language and their beauty, their kindness..........was wonderful.  And yes, the water is blue as blue can be.

We heard some really good musicians, ate good food, and rested, and enjoyed each other's company.......truthfully, I had some anxiety about our first vacation in three years.......but I think I would like another one soon.......I hear  the desert calling my name.


  1. Sounds like you had really really fun!

  2. Vacations can be addicting! I'm still hoping to head to Maine one day but not this year...too many other pressing things at home, but hopefully we'll get back into some vacation mode before I'm too old to remember where I'm going! Glad you had fun and made it home safe.

  3. Sounds like the perfect vacation. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourselves.

  4. Good for you both! And do the desert too! We always thought we'd travel when we retired but now we're too stuck-in-the-mud! And I'd never thought about cruises being the perfect place to people-watch but of course they must be. That's a favorite sport of mine.

  5. Sounds like fun...I'm a water baby myself! Glad you had a grand time!