Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Treatment #17

Treatment #17.........I am a professional......or at least I am starting to feel that way about the treatments.
My chair buddy Louis, came in today and as always he raised the vibrations in the room.  Louis is a three time cancer survivor and I can't tell you how much he is loved in the infusion room.  My other friend is having a bit of a rough go right now, he has lost a lot of weight but he promised today that he would try to eat this evening.

Louis has taught me so be grateful for those treatments, to take them with dignity and honor,
to share joy and love to those around me.  I never thought I would have a mentor in the infusion room, but that is what Louis has become.  There are angels among us, this I truly believe.

It has been an interesting week of good and bad.  My younger brother who lives next door (Jordan's grandpa) had a freak accident at work yesterday and is in the hospital. He is doing well, but yesterday was scary. This evening, we got a call for a gig in October.  It is at a very prestigious festival, and we did the happy dance after the call.  If singer/songwriters have a bucket list here in Alabama, this gig would be on it.
So there it is, life.....yin and yang, good and bad, always a full circle.

My bed is calling to me
wishing you all
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. There are always angels amongst us.
    Sweet dreams.

  2. If there was a global "courage meter" would shoot sky high in the infusion rooms around the globe. I'm always hoping that soon you won't have to sit in that green chair. Congrats on the gig..something really wonderful to look forward too in the fall! Rest up!

  3. I hope you had a day filled with joy today, Jilda. The ying and yang. Life has both. Thank you for this nice post.