Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1

June 1.......summer in Alabama, heat, humidity, bugs, flowers, and lots of blueberries

June 1...... outdoor dinning, grilling, parties

June 1......shade trees become your best friend, a breeze is welcomed, and lemonade is a necessity

June 1......out door festivals, watermelons, and always time to blow bubbles

June 1.......long sultry days, warm nights, and more stars than you can imagine

June lushness, the excitement that only early summer can bring

June 1.....cotton dresses, flowing skirts, the smell of gardenias

June 1......magnolia blossoms,  sweet juicy peaches and home made ice cream

June begin to move slower, and the living truly is easy


  1. How I love watermelons! Glad you have sommer, here it seams we head off directly to autumn

  2. It sounds like June is the bomb.
    Happy June Jilda.

  3. Wow nice change. Makes me happy too!