Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Out of routine, change of venue, no longer in your comfort zone........these can be good or bad depending on circumstance.  I have experience all of the above at some time or another, sometimes all at once.  When it all takes place at once my mantra ‘s ok.

Truly, for whatever life deals’s ok.  I have dealt with death, illness, loss.....extreme joy, good times and incredible pleasure and the balance of’s ok.

I have felt alone in a crowded room, and totally loved’s ok.  I have been brought to my knees by failure and soared through the universe with’s ok.
I have been treated like a rock star, and made to feel’s ok.

Taking a breath, and repeating a mantra.......can get you through just about’s ok.  And yes, I know there are times when it’s not ok.......but I have to continue to say my mantra no matter what.  I strongly urge creating a mantra for yourself.......some use the word love, others use the word peace, some use the word God, others like me find a phrase.  Repeating that word or phrase can be like a warm blanket wrapping your soul, it can calm and soothe, it can keep you grounded.
For me, good or bad, happy or’s ok.

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  1. You should try to learn to play the harp. It's soothing music is healing. The sound waves that is felt through the body as one plays is healing. I'd love to have a small harp and to learn to play it.

    Have agood day.