Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Good Non-Productive Day

Have you ever noticed how productive you can be on some days and then do nothing the next?  Monday and Tuesday, I was amazed at all that I, it was different, Jordan got out of school at noon, and productivity fell by the way side.  We took him to his favorite restaurant, no it is not the arches, it is actually a seafood/meat and three, ran by a Greek family in Birmingham and the food is wonderful.  Our waitress couldn't believe it when he told her it was his favorite place to eat.

It has been a good day, though we did have to spend an hour or so at the doc's for one of my routine checkups.  Jordan loves to make up games when we are in the car and I do admit, he lets me win more than Rick.  His mom did the very same thing at this age.

What is it about sitting in a doctor's office that is so exhausting?  Time for a cup of hot ginger tea and my warm cozy bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. Exactly! On those days that so much gets done I think about all that I'll accomplish that week. Then comes a day I move like molasses. Maybe not.