Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Town Weekend

The Frog Festival was today.......kinda of bittersweet.....I actually was on the very first board, I suggested the name and Rick and I had been invited to play every year.....except this year.  We went down this morning to shoot pictures ( Rick does the website) and eat BBQ from our favorite food vendor.

I loved this booth, the woman who was running it, had every type of stuffed frog imaginable......from the really cute to the downright scary ugly.  Never had I seen so many froggies!

It has been a small town weekend.......we played in a nearby town last night, Jasper on their courthouse square.  It was the perfect early fall evening.......warm with a gentle cool breeze.  A nice crowd, lots of laughter, and warm conversations......the smell from the nearby restaurants was so tantalizing I wanted to jump off the stage and go eat LOTS of food.  Our music think tank provided the talent on the courthouse stage........incredible talent, I promise you would have to search long and hard to find better musicians and songwriters.

Tonight and show next weekend and the next.  I love these music filled weekends......and I am so grateful for every opportunity to play........goodnight, sweet dreams.

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  1. Gotta love those festivals! Sort of like the "wolly bear festival" they have near here! October is a great time to celebrate and enjoy good music. It has to be a bit easier to play when the temps are cooler down there! Have fun!