Thursday, October 17, 2013

FGIF Tomorrow

Almost a full moon, but a cloudy sky tonight......tomorrow and Saturday night should be a full beauty.
Typical day after treatment, but this evening is better.......still the fog hangs around my brain.
Time has a way of swimming in and out of focus on days like today.  We practiced for our gig, though my concentration was somewhere else.  Concentration is interesting, you can go through the motions......but when you hit the are in the present, and every cell of your being is right there, focused on what you are experiencing.  That was not my case today, but the chemical induced cloud is lifting and clarity will come by morning.

Tomorrow is Friday.......I know, I heard that sigh of TGIF all across the universe.  Wishing you a day of smooth sailing tomorrow, may the weekend gods smile in your traffic jams, no grumpy
bumpy people, may you all find your lucky penny.
May I find my energy and focus.

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