Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I walked into a Pendleton store recently......I bought a really cool hat, but something in that store brought a wave of memories that flooded my heart with happiness and my eyes with tears.  I walked by the woolen shirts, the basic plaid ones they have been making for years.......and there it was, the same red and grey plaid one that my dad bought in the sixties and still had when he died in 1991.  His birthday was this month, so seeing that shirt was almost like getting a hug from him.

Isn't it amazing what triggers our memories?  A smell, a sound, a song, a color, a word.......and we are off and running, wandering down a pathway that can bring great joy or great sadness and everything in between.  For me, seeing that shirt at a time when I so needed that hug was a gift.
I once had a friend who said he believed that those who talk about reincarnation were only recalling memories that were stored in their DNA from centuries ago.  I love that thought, that memories are with us forever.

My wish for all of you tonight, that sometime this week, your memory bank allows a withdrawal
that gives you great wishes, just as mine did this week.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. What a great gift for you...a sweet memory of your Dad. I'm so glad that I have wonderful memories of my Dad too. However, I wish my memory of where I put my Sam's Club card when I was trying to check out tonight would have come to my mind! Sweet Dreams back at you Jilda!