Sunday, October 27, 2013


I heard an incredible guitarist tonight, I would have sworn he was classical trained.....but he wasn't, he had just put the time in......the practice to be really good.  I think we often see someone who is so talented, they make what  they do look so easy.......and we forget, how many hours they  practiced, or wrote, or painted.  Talent is a gift, but many who seem blessed with unworldly talents started with average or mediocre talents and took them to the next level doing the reps.

Passion comes into play, the love of doing something, the need of doing feeds the desire, it fuels the wants.....and out of all of that, an ordinary person doing something extraordinary.
I read a quote by Michael Jordan once, he talked about how people just saw his accomplishments, they didn't see all the times he failed, all the times he tried and was not successful.  So, don't beat yourself up because you might not be the what ever you do with passion and love, and practice, practice, practice.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration Jilda. I like coding, but requires tonnes of practice, so this is just what i needed to get me kick-started ! Cheers !