Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Treatment #22

LONG day.......saw the doc, did the lab, did the treatment.   I am a wee bit exhausted......but there is rain on the tin roof tonight, welcome rain......October is our dry month.
I will rest  tomorrow, that is for certain......and there will be practice.  We play the Kentuck Arts Festival this Saturday at noon.  It is a big deal for us, we had submitted for three years in a row and finally got picked this year.

I saw my chair buddy today, the infusion room is a strange breeding ground for friendship.......but that room and those big green chairs create a bond that is binding.  There are always new faces......and there is pleasure and hope when you see familiar faces.  Today was one of those days when the room had much laughter......those are good days.  The bad ones are when you see tears and the doctors hugging family members.

I sat in a different chair today, across the room from where I usually sit..........very different perspective, and I was by the window.  As I looked out the window and watched people walk by, most of them had difficulty
looking at us in those big green chairs.......they glanced quickly, looked away and walked faster.  I don't blame them,  most know what takes place in those chairs, no one wants to sit in them.   Today marked treatment number twenty-two for me........22 months and it continues open ended.  My chair buddy Louis, has been coming for sixteen years, when I get down I think of him........he always says "you do what it takes."
He is right.

My nurses showed me pictures of their kids, their dogs, and home renovations........we are family now.
Family......even my doctor feels like family, or an old friend.  She and I talked about her kids, about her cute boots, and about some of the fears we share.  We are in this for the long run.  I am grateful for my loving and very competent care givers.........sitting in those green chairs would be unbearable without them.
Those big green chairs.......I love them, I hate them.....can't live without them.

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  1. God bless you, Jilda. I worked in that environment for many years and never became hardened to the pain I saw on people's faces. I always read your post when I read Rick's blog but don't often comment. You are in my prayers. Hope your Saturday gig is wonderful! xo Diana