Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strange and Wonderful

Some days are just strange and wonderful and everything in between.......today was one of those.
Awesome classes, with students leaving, tears, smiles and hugs and prayers for their peace and health.
Strange  meeting with possible new student as I was leaving work today......I think if he has memory of it tomorrow, he will be very embarrassed and  remorseful....... good chance there will be no memory, I hope there isn't.

One of the other yoga teachers questioned me today about the fatigue......he asked if he were abnormal or old......I smiled, and explained that when you teach as we teach, with as much heart and physical energy that we put into each class, there is not much left in our bodies or spirits by the time we go home. It is not that our classes are that physical, it truly is the heart and soul we put into them.  Our students are so needy, so wanting of love and non-judgement, they mainline our energy right out of us.  In the almost eight years that I have taught there, I come home every night, drained, achy and exhausted.

Home is my respite.....tonight, Rick and our nephew, Haven had moved all the trees and plants indoors.......it was wonderful, I came home to an indoor forest! complete with crickets and possibly other creatures we don't know about yet.  Hot soup and corn bread, warm pjs and a cup of tea.......I will be restored and ready to face another day tomorrow.   Good news today.......Rick and I will be playing the Johnson City Folk Festival in November, so if you or any of your friends or relatives live in the Johnson City, Tn area, come by and hear us play!  More details soon.

My warm welcoming bed beckons,  I am ready for some rest.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Wow, your CD Rick and Jilda Watson arrived today. Lovely, very lovely to hear your voices. Thank you for sharing your songs via CD. Well packaged too.

  2. That kind of tired is what I call a "good" tired. God bless you for your work with those kids- xo Diana