Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grateful Moon

We played our gig today, packed house, connected great with the audience, and sold was a good day.  We also did our gratitude ceremony tonight......I am a true believer in gratitude.  I think you have to put it out there, this being grateful stuff......if you take it all for granted, sooner or later it will disappear.
Gratitude not only brings joy, but it continues to bring more into your life to be grateful for.

My chair buddy Louis called today, I had given him a CD, he had it playing when he left his message.
Honestly, it is worth sitting in those big green chairs to have met Louis.  His light shines so brightly, he vibrates at such a high is a joy to look upon his face.

There is a full moon tonight, it is beautiful and bright........and not only does it shine on me, it is shinning down on you.  Be grateful for its brilliance, and the stars that shimmer all around........that is a peace that you can see......and feel.  Enjoy your Saturday night, if you are watching a game, I hope your team wins.  Have a gratitude filled Sunday........think of five things you have to be grateful for.....that will bring a smile to your face.  I shot the picture of the moon with my phone, it's grainy, but I loved the texture, and the feathery clouds.


  1. I enjoyed the full moon too. It had the shadow of a cloud over it...
    Congratulations on your CD.
    I love all the songs, and I wrote my favorite ones on a comment I left on Rick's blog today.
    Hugs, and keep singing, you and Rick.