Tuesday, October 15, 2013


For years I thought that goldenrod was the culprit........you know what I am talking about, the sneezing, itchy eyes, and sheer misery of fall's hay fever.  Then a few years ago, ragweed was identified as the villain.  I'm glad that goldenrod has been vindicated.........it is such a pretty flower, and the fields of it  growing wild here can be breathtaking in the fall.  Our path that we walk daily has huge stalks of the golden feathers that wave in the breeze, and shimmer in the autumn sun.   Of course there are some who scoff at the new findings, goldenrod will always be the reason for their fall misery......maybe it's a combination of the two......maybe goldenrod and ragweed together make the potion that is so vile.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the golden beauty and blame the sneezes on the not so pretty ragweed.  Hoping for rain and fresh clean air soon.

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