Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mamie's Star

Another flower from my grandmother Mamie's garden, seeds collected and grown by my oldest sister, Nell.
She gave me the plant a few years ago, Mamie called it her blazing star.

I remember this plant in her yard, it was huge, maybe five feet around and at least five feet tall, covered in these incredible scarlet flowers the size of coffee cups.

Mine has stayed small, it is planted in a container on our deck, but this fall......Freedom!  I am going to plant her in the ground in hopes that next summer, a corner of our yard will blaze with Mamie's stars!

We all need our freedom to grow, to blossom, to spread our feel warm sunshine and gentle rain..... to put down our roots......and be a blazing star.

My wish for all of you tonight, that in some way, you all shine as bright, as vibrant, as beautiful, as Mamie's blazing star.


  1. Awww thank you Jilda! So sweet of you!! Your Mamie's star bloom is INCREDIBLE - very beautiful!! Take care

  2. Jilda, you are so sweet and this was a very special blog with the most beautiful Blazing Star to brighten our day. Thanks

  3. Such a beautiful flower and I am so glad that she is getting planted in the yard. I'm sure her blooms will be bigger eventually! Love Di ♥

  4. One day I will :)

    That flower is beautiful.