Friday, August 5, 2011

Can't Say No to Blackie

Another monsoon this evening, power was off for a few hours, another incredible show of electrical works by mother nature.  Blackie Bear (lab/chow mix) does not want me to write tonight......he keeps sticking his head in my lap.  He missed the fan and cool air while the power was off, Blackie is not happy when he is hot.

A good day of yoga classes today, well they are always good, but some like today......are exceptional.
The first group that came in, we worked on meditation, Warrior asanas, and then I got out the rollers and we rolled each other's backs, they loved it.  My rollers......they are wooden rolling pins, and they are awesome for a back massage!  Go to the dollar store, get a couple, get a partner and roll!  You'll love it!

Second group, lots of shoulder and upper body asanas, and then yep, more rollers!  Everybody left with a  smile today!  Some days you just have to make it fun!  Friday is fun yoga.....and you may quote me on that!

Gig tomorrow, Rick and I are performing at an arts festival in Fultondale, a sub of Birmingham.  Our time slot is 2:30 to 3:30, pray for is supposed to be around 98 degrees by then.  I was told the stage has no covering ( no shade)  My pink skin will be beet red!   Actually we have three more gigs for the coming week, one on Monday, then Wednesday night and Thursday night......busy week ahead.  Busy, but fun!
 Ok  Blackie wins, he will not go to bed until I go.......and I am a little tired too.  Can't say no to Blackie Bear.
Good night, Sweet dreams.



  1. Yay for Blackie Bear!!!

    I do hope that your gig will have shade or that you get to wear a hat at least!! I hope for cooler nicer weather!!!

    Good luck with your performance!

    Take care

  2. Dogs are smart!

    Enjoy the gig, I hope it's not too uncomfortable.

  3. I know what you mean, we don't say no to Rocky either.

  4. Smart dog! Hope you have power back on again. Have a fun weekend and enjoy the gig..and I do hope you have shade. That's way to hot to play in! Your dog would tell you the same thing I bet!

  5. Blackie sounds like a smart dog and isn't it cute how they manage to get their own way........