Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Healing make whole or well.  My first class today was a healing class......on many different levels.
There was such an extreme swing of energies that walked through my door for the first class.......there was anger, pain, sadness....those are always there.....but today, I could feel it, see it, taste it, hear it, touch it much more than usual.  Three who were suffering with physical issues asked for reiki , some just walked in and fell to the floor on their mats and groaned.  Now, I am no where near well, the infection is still creating havoc in my body, and sleep has avoided me for the past three weeks, but today was the day I had to sacrifice me for the group.

I played the most beautiful music I had, A Place Without Noise.....soft gentle piano.....I filled the air with pure lavender, darkened the room, had them all lie down.....and we began breath work.  These are the days when I truly see the  miracle of the I begin to speak softly, slowly, gently encouraging them to breathe,
to take their awareness to their breaths,  to understand that the breath can heal, can soothe, can calm, can change all that darkness to light.  Soon, movements ceased,  stillness wrapped the room, peace flowed
like a mountain breeze, and bodies began to soften, all that tension, that hate, that stress, that conflict, melted
into the dark recesses of the universe.  There was no past, no future, only now.......only the breath.

I gave all that was in me, and prayed for more.......wanting to shower them with love, to let them know....that they were safe.  At the end of the class as they all began to sit back up, ever so slow.......I explained that yoga is not always about movement, about stretching, that sometimes the most important thing you can experience is stillness and breath.  I reminded them of why they were there, that healing took place in many ways,
through talking and sharing, but also in the stillness, through the breath, allowing peace to fill their heart and souls. Learning to surrender to the now, letting go of all the guilt and anger of their pasts, and not grasping the fear of the was their day for stillness, for seeing healing in a very different light, and for finally grasping the power of the breath.

We closed the class with I explained how that simple beautiful sound , flows through the universe,
how it resonates within our chests and our hearts, how it links us together and solidifies the healing energy,
how it reminds us.....there is greatness in all of us, every living creature......I looked into their eyes.....some had tears, some had joy, all had peace.
Tonight, peace, stillness and healing to all of you.


  1. We could all do well to remember sometimes to just stop, and rest our mind and bodies.

    Sorry to hear you're still not well. Sending hugs.

  2. It is not good to hear you are still not the best hope you feel better soon. I am also not feeling great so can relate.......

  3. Gosh. Your yoga classes sounds so cathartic!! So long as you feel good inside at the end of your sessions!

    Enjoy your evening! Take care

  4. It sounds as if you take on all of your classes energies (good and bad) while trying to help them. Maybe that is what exhausts you? Maybe you need to put up a mental barrier for all the negatives so you aren't as tired and worn out. I once asked a psychic medium how does she turn off all the messages and images that run through her head and she said she pictures pulling down a window shade in her mind to tell others that she's at rest.

  5. Thank you so much. I know I've said this before, but you are such a good teacher, taking everything on board. I'm sure it must drain you sometimes. I wish I could come to your classes. I'm having pretty bad problems at the moment with anaphylactic attacks, and I'm sure your peace and spirituality would be of great help!

  6. I wish I could teach you all yoga. I would love to share all that I know with my wonderful blog friends.....
    Every class I teach, I see the power of stillness and breath, and feel the power of love.