Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Opportunities

"Good opportunities are very hard to refuse......just because something is good doesn't mean it is good for you or  right for you."  -  The Rhythm of Life, Matthew Kelly

Ouch! this one slapped me across the face many times this week.  Several times, I had a "good opportunity" this week, I took a couple and regretted at least one.  I also passed on one.  Why does it all have to be so confusing sometime?  We have to filter the good stuff as well as the bad, what is good for someone else, may not be good for us, and how can we pass on something so good that in the end is just not right for us?  My head hurts.

I admit, I am self directed for most of the time, just like most of us, I am trying to look out for me.  I hear or see a good opportunity, pounce and then about mid-way.....oops, not quite the right direction.  I took a couple of good gigs, but for me, this week, not so so good......last Saturday, temp about 102......the infections  I have battled are raging in my body, the meds have trashed my body......and I am on stage in the blazing 2:00pm sun, sweating like a coke oven, knees shaking, wondering if I am gonna make it.  Serious set back,
as far as health, because I took a good opportunity.  See what I mean by this good opportunity stuff!

But different story on Friday, all day Friday I am thinking we should go see our friend play, scout out the location, maybe leave our cd or card, but at work Friday afternoon I am reading to my class from Rhythm of Life and just for grins I decide to read the first page I find.  You guessed it, the page about good opportunities.  As I drove home from work Friday night, I decided I should stay home and rest......extremely good move on my part.  That has been my good opportunity this weekend, I have rested all weekend. It was the best for me.

In my past, I had  not taken several what seemed to be not only good opportunities, but golden ones.......sometimes I have wondered if I let them slide because I was afraid of the success they would bring, or if my intuition was truly guiding me and they were really not the best or right or me.....guess I will never know.   Most days I try not to think about those.   I didn't say anything about easy opportunities, just good ones.

So, when those times of good opportunities come knocking on your door, how do you know, if they are good or good for you????  These are the times you listen to your heart, these are the times you are honest,
and these are the times if you make the wrong just deal with it, learn your lesson and figure out in the future what really is best for you.  I wish you all good opportunities, but what I wish that you are able to know what is good and right for you.
Good night, Sweet dreams.

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  1. Yay for listening to yourself and staying home to rest!! Cos you've not been well and you need to get better!!

    I only know of my opportunities in hindsight - I never guess they are opportunities (good or bad) when they occur. I tend to listen to my heart and conscience rather than my brain but I can honestly say that all decisions I've made so far have been on the most part good for me personally. There have been baaaaaaad ones but like you said, I've dealt and continue to deal with them and move on. And I hope I have! Take care