Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Storm Lessons

Because of where we live, we get to experience weather extremes that many only dream about.....haha.
We have tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, snow, heat and humidity, but tonight I want to share the lessons I have learned from tornadoes and hurricanes.  I know that many of you who read my blog live on the east coast, and from the sound of all the chatter coming from the Weather Channel, you all may be in for a rough ride the next few days.

So here are my storm lessons that I've learned....... living in a rural area, when our power goes out, we have twenty four hours of land line phone service, then no phones
living in a rural area, we have no cell phone service at our home, even when the weather is perfect
solar lights(those you have in your yard) are way better and safer than candles
need I say, stock up on batteries, bottled water
speaking of water, our personal water supply comes from a river, when there is debris from storms that might clog the intake, they shut the systems down.......I keep five gallon jugs of water in our bathroom closets so we can flush at least once a day
wash your clothes, and clean your house, before the storm......if you are there for days on end without power, at least there is some semblance of order......also make sure all dirty dishes are cleaned
take a hot shower, wash your may be days before you have that luxury again.
when you are buying supplies, buy baby wipes(yes you can bath with them)
unless you have a generator, don't stock up on meat or frozen stuff......also make sure you have gas for the generator
fill your car with gas (but don't hoard, be sensible)
fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, water, shelf milk, bread, tuna, peanut butter, V8 juice.....we have lived on them for days on end.
if you lose power, check on your neighbors
make sure you have your prescriptions and any meds you need
toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer
pet food, any thing that your pets might need including enough water for them and you
if power lines are down, report if possible,  keep your family and friends aware of how things are going if possible, just a quick I'm ok will ease their  minds
if you are handy with tools, such as chain saws, etc. make sure they are ready to be used and you know where they are
extra trash bags, a couple of good books, cards and games
a battery radio/weather radio
a first aid kit
pepto, the pink stuff  (tummy troubles can hit at the worst times)
make sure your cell phones, pc,etc are all charged
have some cash, know how to reach your insurance folks (know where car title, etc is)
Don't get out and try to "see" the  storms,  we lost people here in Alabama in April, because they wanted to
"see" the tornadoes.  Mother Nature can kick your ass in a heartbeat, she is bigger and stronger than any of us will ever her some respect!
 Your safety will be at the top of my prayers for the next few days, I hope Irene goes out to sea never to be heard from again.....and let me hear from you!
good night, sweet dreams


  1. Inverters also come in handy. These are small devices that can convert DC to AC. This means if yo have one of those devices that you use to jump off your car when the battery fails, you can hook it up to an inverter and charge your cell phone, laptop's, or run other small appliances (no, not a microwave or hair dryer). But it will run fans and radios.
    And speaking of laptops - we turn them into DVD players when the power is off.

  2. Thanks Jilda and Rick...sound advice. Stocking up and making ice in the ice maker if you have it also comes in handy. We stood in line for five hours after Fran waiting to get ice. It became a HUGE commodity!


  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things aren't too horrendous in the next few days. Living where I do, in suburban England, it's hard for me to realise that these are issues people face on a regular basis, six inches of snow and my whole country pretty much shuts down.

  4. Some good advice there thankfully where I live in Australia we do not get those type of storms in fact I can not remember the last time we had a storm.

  5. Please please please take care and be extra safe and ok!!! xx

  6. I'd like to add DUCT Tape, small amount of rope, a tarp or a roll of plastic and a first aid kit. I've also found those cool baseball caps with the lights built in the visor just handy I tell you. Also walkie-talkie's can reach help channels if you are so located. And the bath tub, once your done with your shower, fill it. That is 30 flushes. Put your important papers in a water proof bag and KNOW WHERE they are.

    Sorry I prepare for storms too and I'm praying for everyone's safety. Great advice Jilda. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. thanks ya'll for all the comments and great advice, when you have lived through this stuff, you learn the hard way.....and you want to share what you learned. Jules, how could I forget duck tape????LOL
    prayers for all of you, that the storm weakens, and the angels protect you!

  8. Jilda - Great post.

    Yes, indeedee - I LOVE to wear my food whenever the opportunity arises. :)

    Sweet dreams to you, too - Marsha