Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Practice, good or bad

Rick and I practiced our songs for our gig this weekend.......some days you just have to keep going.  You know it is bad, when I remember the chords to the songs, and he doesn't!  Sometimes, practice is magical........the music flows, the voices blend,  and we both are smiling and thinking ok, this is really good.  Then there are nights like tonight,  my voice had no lilt, no life, words escaped, chords hid,  and we just had to go through the motions. Practice, good or bad, put in the reps.

That is ok, it happens, that is why they call it practice......the energy goes someplace else,  and you just do the reps.  It is an adjustment, getting use to my own natural energy and not the artificial one from the steroids. I went without sleep for so long, that I swear, I could sleep for days now....... but all this shall pass.  So, I am putting in the reps, because we have a gig this weekend at one of our most favorite venues......Berkeley Bob's Coffee House in Cullman.  It is a true California style coffee house, and yes Bob is from Berkeley......the coffee is good, the sandwiches are excellent and the crowd is amazing!  It is a true listening venue, meaning, ........they sit and listen to you play!

We are working up new songs, so that means learning the words, chords, making the songs a personal extension of yourself......yes, you still have to do all that even when you write them!   We will share the stage with a couple of other songwriter/friends.......so looking forward to it!  This is a short post tonight......the energy has truly left me.....and I don't want to blither and blather.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I hope you get some real rest. And good luck for the gig, it sounds like fun.

  2. Jilda...hope you have a peaceful and full nights sleep and your gig is joyful!


  3. Oh you artists!!! Awwww I wish I could come over to hear you both play!! Have a good rest, Jilda! Take care

  4. fake it til you make it, right Jilda?

  5. Please remember what I said about looking after Jilda. Don't want you to hit the bottom again.