Friday, August 12, 2011

Creature Activity

Creature activity is at an absolute frenzy here in Empire, Al these days.  We CANNOT keep the hummingbird
feeders filled, nor the bird feeders, and the deer who normally only come up in the evenings, are coming from morning til night!  We are Micky D's for all creatures large and small!  I think we could just sit on the porch with feeders in hand and they would all come up for drive thru.

Now thinking back about my Grandmother Mamie and all her folk wisdom I am sure she would have some
incredible wisdom to share about all of know, like maybe an early fall or extra cold winter, or the black bears are coming duck and run for cover!  What ever the reason, it has been pretty interesting.......the humming bird feeders are at the front, so everytime I walk out the front door, those tiny beautiful creatures
buzz me and yell obscenities about my sloth like attempts to keep them feed.

There is a beautiful female cardinal ( I call her Ruby after my mom) and if I don't have those seed feeders filled by 7:30 am every morning, she sits in the rose of Sharon bush out front and scolds me.  I walk right up to her as she waits  for the sound of the seed filling the feeders and as soon as I turn my back, she is the first one to eat.

The deer have gotten so, they just cross over to the edge of the field, wait for one of us to bring on the corn
and as soon as we head for the house, you can hear them snort and then began to chew. We won't even begin to discuss the squirrels and their eating demands.  I am beginning to think they might all hold us for ransom if the funds run out.  Oh yeah, let's not forget the rabbits......they ate the peas, the watermelons,
and now they scamper across the yard eating the leftovers from all the rest!

So,  I know there is plenty else to complain about, but I have done way too damn much of that lately.
I live in a small paradise, and am reminded of it daily.  So tonight, my heart is full of gratitude for all the critters that live here with us, it don't get much better than this.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I do think you live in a great place well it sounds like it to me.........

  2. I love your little haven of paradise for all things and creatures growing and thriving!! Yay!! Take care