Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ride Never Ends

There is a song that I helped to co-write, The Ride  Never is about love and caring, about relationships that truly have no ending. Originally, Rick and our friend Tracy and I had written the lyrics about a truck driver, but a few months ago talking with a friend who had lost all three of her brothers and  about my loss of parents and brothers, I felt the need to do a major rewrite, with Tracy's blessings and Rick's help.

Our country lost 30 of it's best and finest today,  and all I could think about, for their families and friends.....The Ride Will Never End.

So with my love, my sorrow, and prayers, a couple of verses and chorus:

So many things wish I could change
go back in time and rearrange
to hold those  moments I have lost
I'd pay the price at any cost

We get so caught up in our lives
and we let time pass us by
all those rides we meant to take
we wake up and it's too late

Now they're gone
life has changed
only memories remain
The ride never ends
The ride never ends



  1. Beautiful lyrics. Enjoy every day!

  2. Poignant...and went straight to my soul...


  3. Beautiful lyrics Jilda. The tragedy was surely worth the rewrite, although my husband is a trucker and surely would appreciate the lyrics.
    My prayer go out to you and all of the families who have had to endure painful loss. Love Di ♥

  4. Love to hear this sung!

    A beautiful tribute to these lost lives. Take care

  5. Thank you Jilda that was absolutely beautiful.