Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ingrid Comes Home

Most of you have read my musings about Ingrid, my last post about her was almost a month ago.
She was seriously ill, her transmission had gone from bad to worse, and Rick was talking of putting her down.
But, a friend knew someone who was "the best car doc around this part of Alabama".....he gave him a call, and he said he could fix Ingrid.  He has had her transmission  ever since, but Thursday we got the call, Ingrid was
back and all was well!  She was clean and shiny, and she drives like she did when she rolled off the line in 1996.
Today, as we drove to our gig, she turned over 250,000 miles........what can I say.....she is a great car!
And I know, it seems so strange to love a machine, but she is a part of me, an extension......we have a history.
When I picked her up Thursday at my friend's auto place, he smiled and said "I bet you get another 200,000 miles on her!"  I think he was beginning to form an attachment to Ingrid, so I am glad I brought her  home.
As we drove to our gig this evening, (which went great by the way) Rick looked at me and remarked about how good it was to have Ingrid back......she is something else..... a piece of machinery built to last, to serve her owner well.....she has done an outstanding job, Thanks Ingrid! It is good to have you home.


  1. Good for you and Ingrid. I used to have a car that was deep purple, and my boss called it the Purple People Eater.

    But I really enjoyed her, for the seven years I had her. So I can understand your attachment. :)

  2. Congrats about great gig.
    Isn't it funny how we can get atatched to things l;ike cars.I am young but will never forget Shirley my first car,little Honda I was so proud of even it was more in spare parts mode;)))

  3. So many times I have thought about naming my car, but a name just never shows itself. So for three years it has been "car". In the past my cars had names. Why not now? Your Ingrid is a grand car.

  4. Yay for Ingrid given a new lease of life! Long may she be with you and Rick! Glad to hear that your gig went well!!! Take care

  5. Glad she's back and running great. I wish I had some of the old cars I had in the past.