Monday, August 8, 2011

Strange Day

Strange day......last Thursday, a friend's mom called Rick and I ask us to play at a function today.  Her boss had requested that she get in touch with us, it was definitely community service, but that was ok.  We had the morning open, and we love helping out when we can.

We had met our friend's boss a few times during the last several years, at a party, social functions, and she once interviewed me for a job.  When we arrived today, there was no sign of  any acknowledgement that she had ever met us.......interesting.   I did not  push it, I just thought well, strange.  She kept forgetting our names, weird.

It was an in service event, not sure why they asked us to stage, no biggie, or pa, we can deal.
We did several motivational songs that we had written, but we were playing while vendors presented their wares.  I had the sensation of what it would be like if we played a children's birthday party.

We have played some strange gigs........a llama convention comes to mind, immediately.  But this, I think was the one that truly didn't make sense.  The boss, kept calling us the band........maybe when she had our friend call us, she had us confused with someone else......even our trio, is not really a band.  We are acoustic, folk

Years ago, we would sometimes play smoky bars........but even those, people listened.  It was like being in the twilight zone for musicians, wondering why, where, what, how today.  We gave it all we had, but we both were shaking our heads when left there today........what just happened??????  Strange day in music land.


  1. How very strange. Perhaps your friend will be able to explain.

  2. Jilda - Strange indeed. But it was their loss, if they didn't have sense enough to pay attention to your music.

    I always say that music washes the dust of every day living off the soul.

    Have a good evening - Marsha

  3. Hmmmm...maybe you were at the wrong venue? Maybe the "other band" was playing your gig somewhere else....
    (Maybe you'll get a HUGE thank you and cheque in the mail....people sometimes have a FUNNY way of showing their emotions at times;))

  4. I was raised being told that good manners were simply the art of making people in your company feel welcome and worthy. Seems like you met a crowd of people with very bad manners. What tools!

    Even if the 'boss' was confused and incorrect who would not listen and appreciate good music...agin...Tools!


  5. I too picked up on the llama convention. :-)

    Take care

  6. Well JIlda I would say that the days of strange gigs isn't over yet!
    Maybe the poor dear has dementia.
    Whatever the case, you were troopers and I am sure that someone noticed!
    Love Di ♥

  7. How peculiar, but surely, it beat the llama convention?! I mean, come one! Llamas SPIT! (Surely, none of the people at this peculiar gig were spitting at you ... )