Thursday, August 25, 2011


We had a wonderful day today.....drove down to Tuscaloosa to spend some time with an old friend, Jerry Henry, a true music guru.    We went to Dreamland BBQ and ate ribs!  Now, if you have ever watched an Alabama football game on television, you have heard  all the media folks drooling about Dreamland BBQ, it is mecca for them when they cover games in T-Town!  All they serve are ribs, beans, cole slaw, smoked sausage and banana pudding and tea so sweet it makes you dizzy.

Can I tell you how much I enjoyed my ribs????? well I was wearing quite a bit of sauce on my cargo pants and when we got into Jerry's car, I  actually had sauce on my toes.
I really do like to wear my food!  Thank god, the guys laughed with me and were not too embarrassed by my wearing of the sauce!

Hanging with Jerry is such an incredible experience, the music gods speak through him.....he is wise and charming and funny and extremely kind.  He also has a great website for all you musically inclined folks to check out......Alabama    Go ahead, ask him a question!

Have you ever noticed that in any of the self-portraits that Rick takes, he is ALWAYS front and center!  There seems to be a pattern here, maybe a little ego issue Rick????   :)  photo line-up, Jerry, me, Rick

It was a good day.....nice drive to T-Town,  great food, and the best of company.  It has been a while since I have had such an enjoyable off day.....I should have more of these!  If any of you ever come to visit, we'll make sure we visit Dreamland!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. That was a musical and saucy day:)) I love ribs too and if you get under the sauce it means they were very yummy:)

  2. Glad you had such a great time. Lovely pic, and I've just made the connection between you and Rick. DOH!!

  3. Yay for wearing your food!!! LOL!

    Lovely pic of the three of you - and Rick hogging the camera! LOL! Take care

  4. You had my mouth watering taking about those ribs girl. Love me some ribs and good slaw. That was an awesome picture and I can see what you mean about the up front nature. Funny. Have a wonderful weekend as we prepare for sweet Irene.

  5. I love the sauce on the toes! Very chic! Let's hope the color matched what you were wearing.
    Sounds like a perfect day off!

  6. I love people who enjoy their dinner ;-)

  7. I sure hope you got some of that yummy nanner pudding, too.

  8. well hello there! i follow your hubby's blog and wanted to pop on over and say hello to you too. i was cracking up about the sauce on your toes. that would definitely happen to me! have a great weekend!

  9. Nice pic..maybe Rick's just trying to hide food you may be wearing! Those ribs sounded really good and it's nice to know others have the same issue with food and clothes!