Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Just an ordinary day, I think that is what makes up most of our lives, ordinary days.......but are they really ordinary?  When you think about your day to day living, most of us think those days are nothing special......but every day is special, every day is extraordinary.  From the moment we open our eyes every morning, and we see sunlight streaming through our windows, smell the coffee brewing, feel the first drops of water from the shower, most of the time, we think it is just another day.

But every day we live is way more than ordinary.....in some way, we help to change and shape the lives around us each and every day.  Maybe you smile at someone on the way to work, or smile at your fellow employees, your smile could be exactly what they  needed to reaffirm their existence, their need to feel that they matter.
The hello that you give in passing,  may be the only bright spot in some one's life that day. The hug that you give, maybe it's the only hug, that person has received in a long time, do you know how good a hug feels when it has been a while????

If we knew this would be our last day, would we think it ordinary?   Would we savor all those little things we take for granted day after day?  Would our eyes really see the beauty around us,  see the love that shines in someone's eyes when they see us?  Would the breeze that brushes our face seem so common, the grass beneath our feet, would we feel its coolness and smell its sweetness?  Would we hear a bird sing, a squirrel chatter, a dog bark, even the sound of traffic would have a different cadence!

An ordinary day......there are times when life is so sad, when life is so hard.......whether we realize it or not, we began to crave the ordinary.......
I think it's ok most of the time to think of our days as ordinary, but every once in a while, remind yourself......
that today is not ordinary,  I am here, I am alive, and I am connected to every living thing......there is nothing ordinary about that!  That is pretty miraculous!

Good night, Sweet dreams.  


  1. I'll admit, I tend to think of my days as ordinary. I will try and remember occasionally to look around with fresh eyes.

  2. What a great post I agree life is not ordinary it is extraordinary and we should try and remember that more often.

  3. Ordinary life can be nice too;) If you love anture(liek I do) walk on teh beach or walk with kid and dogs through the bush can be already extarordinary.Main thing is we respect the nature and what it gives su and we live in harmony with it and each other..than we are trully blessed:)

  4. This posting reminds me of Sara McLachlin's Ordinary Miracle...lovely posting~


  5. Nice to live each day like it's your last but sometimes just getting through a day is ok too! take care