Saturday, August 13, 2011


This morning I walked down the hill to fetch the paper and mail ( the dogs won't do it) .  As I walked back up to the house, I did something I have not done in a very long time, sat down on the steps under my new arbor and did not move.  As my back leaned against the post, I planted my feet on an old stepping stone and felt its coolness against my bare feet.( I am still earthing).  The stone was cut by the man whose family once owned this old farm,  his wife told me before she passed that  it was cut as a house warming gift by him , for her when the old farm house was built in 1926.

I sat for a long time, the sun was shinning, but there was just a whisper of a breeze, and for the first time in  months, I felt different.  I looked up at the sky through the speckled leaves of the persimmon tree and saw vivid clear blue.  The humming birds buzzed over my head, I heard the drone of bees, and the tapping of a woodpecker.  Time no longer existed, I had no place to be, no where to go, and plenty to do, but I could not move.  I breathed slow gentle breaths, and I realized sadly, that I could not remember the last time I had sat
for that long and felt that peace, that stillness........those moments changed my whole day.  Today was my day.  I did nothing, I could not even read, but I sat on those steps, I slept on the sofa, and I sat in the grass in the backyard with Jordan and his mom, Samantha........I felt life, and health and healing begin to ease into my body and soul.

We can't always "take or go" on vacation, but I learned to today,  I could vacate here for awhile.  A change of scenery would be nice, but what I experienced today was magical, spiritual, and life changing.  I have a ways to go, but today was a major start.......healing does not happen overnight, modern medicine has given
us false illusions about that......but the feel of that time worn, beautiful cut stone against my feet......I could almost feel that young bride's happiness as her husband all those years ago place it at their front door.
As the breeze brushed my face, I felt the energy that has flowed through this earth for a million years, and I knew in my heart that all would be ok.  After all, I am a part of that energy, as it flows through each and every living thing in this world.

I felt my vibration change its level today, I know that may not make sense to some, but for me it was as real as the sun's warmth on my face.  That stillness, not moving, just breathing, being aware, allowing myself to connect with the magnificence of all that surrounds me.......took me to another level.  I feel like a snake whose skin has shed, or a butterfly that has burst from its cocoon.....there is a newness, a rawness, that is so difficult to describe, yet feels so wonderful.  I know for me, I experienced a new birth of sorts, and a door opened
that I needed to go through.......I am ready for the change to come, I am grateful that I surrendered to the stillness of the day.
Peace to you all.


  1. Let us love the world to peace. ~ Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

    Sounds like you are learning to love you to peace...

    God Bless~

  2. It is amaxzing how being alone in a quiet place can make us feel, I know it always makes me feel so relxed and at peace..........

  3. Yay for feeling energised by the sun's warmth, nature's beauty and the stone's history!

    Enjoy these precious moments, take care x

  4. Lovely post today Jilda. Peace is such a great gift.

  5. GOOD FOR YOU! Glad to hear you listened to your body and took the day for yourself. We went to the beach for the first time in well over a month because it's been so hot and I just closed my eyes and took in the feeling of sun, the smell of salt air and the wind on my face. It was amazing. I felt so good and slept like a baby last night.

  6. thanks ya'll for your amazing support and loving comments. Sometimes it is really important that I share my numerous shortcomings with ya'll, so you don't make the mistakes
    I do. You all do something nice for yourselves this week.