Thursday, August 4, 2011

Storms of Every Kind

Thunder and lightening, rain is pouring down, the August monsoons have hit Alabama.  The rain is warm,
and the air between the storms is heavy, the lightening has been Mother Nature's Fireworks at their best.
You can feel the storms energy, it sets heavy on the chest.  There have been energy storms on many levels this week.

Ingrid, my car is sick......I like to to think she is having major surgery, but her chances of recovery are excellent.
She is in the capable hands of a shade tree mechanic car doc, who loves his work and he is rebuilding her transmission.
She will be a good patient.  But she has no health care, so there will be a pretty substantial bill, but still much better than making payments on a car no where near the value she has to me.

I have been sick for weeks, I knew better, but I kept thinking it would just go away.  After all, for this superwoman there is no kryptonite .  (not sure about the spelling,)  HA!!!!!  So I had a meeting with my new primary care doc, I like her a lot.  But now there is a storm of epic proportions raging in my body.
LOTS of steroids, and two antibiotics,  I haven't slept since the words of my friend Edie,
I am beginning to have some "come aparts".  The energy is amazing,  it surges through the body and
 I can start twenty -five different things at once.   And then I realize, I can't concentrate on any of them.........
UGH!!!!!!! How do I channel it?????    Three more weeks of this, do you need your house cleaned, your lawn mowed, windows washed, oil changed??????

And this too shall pass, just like any other storm.  I have done a lot of breathing today (now that I can breathe).   And I say, yes I have learned my lesson, but you know I am so much like most of you..... or maybe not........and hopefully next time, I will remember......there is always kryptonite.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Oh, I hope the pills help you feel better soon, and that your car recovers too.

  2. That's why the oxygen bags are to go on the caretakers's to feeling better and healthy cars. I know you won't pay attention to the oxygen bags, we caretakers never learn.


  3. Oh no, please please rest, get better, get well, rest some more!!

    Have a peaceful and restful weekend! take care

  4. Hoping you and your car have a quick recovery. Take care