Monday, August 29, 2011

Present Life

"One of our greatest failings as human beings is our inability to be present in our own lives." - The Rhythm of Life,  Matthew Kelly

It is so easy not to be many of us multi-task all day?  I teach about being present and yet I struggle with it too.  Do you find yourself thinking of something else when someone is talking to you?
Do you imagine being someplace else when you should be here?    What is it about we humans that we resist the present so much?  It is work, it takes effort, not to dwell in the past, or worry about the future.

Be here, be now, be in this breath......I say those words over and over every day, yet even as I say them,
I watch faces and I know ........they are not present.  But there is something magical when you allow yourself to be present in your own life, there is almost a giddiness, an indescribable joy that takes place in the present.
Think about what it's like to do something you truly love, how when you experience it, you think of nothing else......that is being present in your own life.

When you are present in your own life, you don't experience stress, or worry or fear.  Think of being there when your child took their first step, I bet you weren't thinking of what you should be doing......think of what it was like to do something you really wanted to do for the first fishing, taking an incredible photograph, playing a musical instrument, painting, knitting your first sweater, writing a poem, baking your first loaf of were there in the present, intoxicated by the  awareness of nothing else.

I know that I have written much about being here, in the now, in the present.......but it's because life is matter how long we live.......and being in the now, living and experiencing our own life now, is so much better than reliving  old memories of the past or imagining  fears of the future.  We live now, yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow may never come.

I sit here now, I listen to Blackie Bear breathe, I can hear my breath,  my fingers feel the touch of the keyboard, I wait for my brain to send me more thoughts,  no thoughts of yesterday, no worries about tomorrow.......I am content, I am peaceful, I am present in my own life, now.

Take some time, be present in your own life for just a few short minutes,  as you become accustomed to that will want more.  The past will become what it truly is......memories..... and the future,  well the present feels so right, so won't worry about tomorrow.  Present in your own life, present in you own breath, present in the present, now.

Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Thank you for your writings today. I am going to follow you, I already have you on my Links. Today I was watching a video I made when my grandson was four - so innocent, precious and so in his moment. A good reminder to cherish the now.
    - Joy

  2. I do try to live in the moment. This has made a great difference in my life for the better. Thanks for the reminder, Jilda.

  3. I live very day as the new day.Starting with thanks when I wake up..I have to live another day.If we don't do that in a moment many things happening than will pass us unonotices;)

  4. Great quote. It took me a year and a half of hard work with a therapist to finally get that.

    I hate to look in someones eyes and know they are not with me in a conversation, yet I learned to dissociate at age four and lived like that my whole life.

    You say "become to that feeling" and it does take time to learn to be comfortable in the present and not take off mentally.

  5. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the "whens" and "thens", we shortchange the "heres" and "nows."

  6. I think that's why I like keeping busy and always try to occupy my mind. Otherwise I tend to drift and dream of what ifs and if onlys!

    Take care

  7. I'm pretty bad at being in the "here and now" state of mind...everyone at work calls it "going to my happy place"..they're just jealous because they can't come with me! But I know what you mean and I will try Dad was good at living in the moment..I always thought he was just so full of life and enjoyed every day to the fullest. I wish I had inherited that from him instead of my body shape! Hahaha!