Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seasonal Signals

The past few weeks have been interesting, weather wise here in Alabama........all signs  already point to fall....well other than the temps......ninety-seven today.  As I herded all five dogs down the trail this morning for their run/walk I saw a Monarch butterfly!  Now those, I never see until late September or early October, but there he was floating down the the side of the mountain toward the pond.  It seems as though thousands of hickory nuts have already fallen off the trees and  green persimmons too.  As I continued my walk, I began to notice deep reds and rusts in the sumac and the muscadines are beginning to ripen.  On my way to work yesterday, I saw goldenrods blooming on the side of the can all this be taking place in near 100 degree heat????  In the middle of August!

One of my blog friends, Jules wrote about the prolific amounts of hair her dogs were shedding......mine too!
She swears an early fall, and cold winter are on the way!  I hope Jules is correct......not to wish time away, but fall is my favorite season.......and today I crave the crisp, clean air.  Besides the heat, our air quality is not so good right now.  We drove into Birmingham today for my doctor's appointment, the sky was grey and heavy, not with rain but pollution and heat and humidity. There is hope for rain this weekend.

This weekend is the first time in quite a while, we don't have a gig.....which is a good thing.  The doc said I needed some rest, so that is what this weekend is for.......the other good more infection!
Can we say Happy Dance?????  Cat scan all clear! Gratitude abounds!

So, about this fall stuff, now I am starting to look for squirrel's  nest, the size of acorns, etc. when you search and read about folk lore and the seasons it is pretty fascinating stuff, well for me anyway.  I figure  all this research will help keep my mind off the heat, and help to remind me, there is always change in the air. I wish I could figure out what to do with all the dog hair, and the hickory nuts, maybe some sort of three dimension sculpture or mobile......oh yeah, lots of pine cones too!  Sorry, my brain took the wrong path for a second.

So how's the weather/season in your neck of the woods?


  1. Yay for great news from your doc! Happy dance away!!!

    I love spring going into summer and summer going into autumn best!

    Here, the weather is very sunny summery and not to hot! Perfect!

    Take care

  2. Good to hear the doctor was on your side this time. :) And yes it is hot here as well but the signs are springing up everywhere. I saw one of those butterflies too and my squirrels have nested.

    Tire Chains, that's all I'm saying. Now go rest for the weekend. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I'm so glad your infection is gone.

    I love Autumn. I'm happy it's almost here :)

  4. Congratulations on the good medical report. Now, it's time to build your strength back up, so don't overdo!

    It's still pretty hot here, but like you described in one of your recent posts, there's that certain something different about the angle of sunlight these days that says summer is coming to an end. (I hope the heat does, too.)

    Have a great ... restful ... weekend.