Monday, November 21, 2011


After my community yoga class tonight, a couple of us talked about service.  Often students ask me what can I do to feel joy, to feel content, to feel grateful?   The first thing I tell some service, help someone else, give with no thought of receiving.  If you are in pain, you will forget your pain for a while,
if you are depressed, you will see someone whose life is worse than yours, service to others is humbling,
and empowering.

When I see people who are bored, who are angry, who are empty........service is the key.  This Thanksgiving if you are away from family, or maybe you just can't face another family gathering......serve someone.  Serve them a meal, provide transportation to a community meal, feed a neighbor or friend who is alone.  Visit the elderly, the sick, play with a small child, do something for someone else.  Even if you are having your family meal, find time this holiday week to do something for someone else.  Writing a check is good, but that human contact is better.  Volunteer to ring the bell for the Salvation Army kettle!  There is great need, but the need for human contact, the need to help each other,  to look in someone's face,  to see a smile......that need seems to be growing daily.

I promise, if you will take the time during this holiday season, to give with no expectations of receiving
anything, just give your time, will fill your heart.

Remember will change you this holiday season.  Helping others is the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves......volunteer for one hour, or one will want to do it again.
We are all born to serve.


  1. Service is the answer to so many problems..we can help ourselves just by helping others, as you said. So many people talk about angels, but I think we humans are suppose to be the angels for each other. You never know when what you do for someone else is a direct answer to a prayer.

  2. Ican not but agree in full.There is no better feeling than doing saying nice things for other people;)

  3. Jilda, you are just lovely! Take care

  4. This is a good reminder especially with the holidays in the near future. So many folks get depressed and lonely during these holidays. Thinking of others lessens our own pain and sometimes has surprising results like new friends or fresh ideas. Nice post.