Friday, October 12, 2012

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day

Today I taught meditation classes, to be honest not many people with addictions are really interested in meditation, stillness, quite often scares them.  But for the time that they spend at our facility, if they come to my class more than once, they will get a meditation class.  Usually when I tell them, we are going to  have a mediation class, I see eyes rolls,  and maybe a few grunts.
I got that today, with both classes.

After class,  every person walked by me and said pretty much the same thing,  "wow, I have never been so relaxed."  They are so surprised that 10 to 15 minutes of stillness, and breath work, can make them feel so good.  They are like most of us, we figure if it is that simple, it just can't work.
Why has complicated been ingrained so deeply in our brains, why are we so skeptical about the simple things.

I try to explain that our bodies, our brains, need stillness, need quiet time, need rest, sleep and relaxation.......and it needs it with no assistance from chemicals or alcohol. I am constantly quoting
"meditate, don't medicate".  Meditation is a practice, and you have to work at it, (practice it).
There are thousands of books, tapes, videos on meditation.......and they are helpful.  But honestly,
you can do this on your own.......sit quietly, spine nice and long, breathe at a slow gentle pace.
You can burn a candle or not, you can listen to soft music or sit outside and listen to nature.
Breathe, be aware of your breath,  when thoughts disrupt you, observe them ( as you would leaves falling in the wind) but always be aware of your breath.  Set a time if you need to,  but everyone deserves 15 minutes, every one needs 15 minutes.  What could be more important than your peace of mind, your relaxation, your time to connect with spirit?

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