Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deer Shy

First let me just say, I struggle with the death of any living creature......yes, even snakes.  I am truly a live and let live kinda of girl.  My family makes fun of me, my niece Samantha told once when she was a child that I was the only person she knew who apologized to a squirrel when I ran over him accidentally.......yes, I do that kind of thing.  But my family nickname is ......The Deerslayer.
Rick has threatened to get me a personalized car tag with that slogan on it.

I have driven to work the same road for seven years come December.  This morning, our niece Samantha had some issues with her new car, and she being a 21 year old, pretty female did not feel comfortable dealing with the "guys" at the dealership.  Rick went with her as moral support.  They agreed to give her a rental, but Rick didn't have a way home( Sam had to go to work) so I drove my work route to Warrior to pick him up.

It had been a very productive morning, the sun was bright, the air was chilly, and it's only a twenty minute drive.  Last year, our deer population seemed to disappear after the tornadoes.  This fall I have already seen more than I did all last year.  The road is curvy and hilly, and with the bright morning sun, there were places with dark shadows.  Fifteen minutes into my drive, on a curve, rounding a hill, in the shadows, I felt something plow into the passenger side of my car......my first thought another car had hit me, then I realized it came from the hill side.  A couple of seconds later, I heard something skid across Ingrid's roof, looking in my rearview mirror, there was a HUGE DEER
spinning in the road, she flipped and then bounded into the woods.

I drove Ingrid into a drive way, the passenger door had a BIG dent, the chrome trim was missing,
the door wouldn't open, the window didn't work.  I had been hit by a deer............again.  This is number six, in the past seven years.  I know it is hard to believe, but I have never hit one, they have all hit me!!!!!    My friends and family members who hunt, have decided to stop spending time in the woods and just ride around with me.  They call me the "deer magnet".

Ingrid is at the car doc's, we are hoping that her door can be fixed.  She is old, and it maybe difficult to find a replacement door......but in the words of one of my friends, "Ingrid is apparently a tough old broad".........she cant' let a deer take her out.  I am getting a little nervous, what if the local deer population do a "hit" list with Ingrid's description on it,  maybe they already have, maybe they don't like her looks, or her color.  Who knows, but I am getting "deer shy."


  1. So sorry this all happened today! I hope your car gets repaired with out any "garage" guys yanking you around. So sorry!

  2. Oh Jilda!!! What an experience!

    Take care now

  3. Good Morning, new Kindred Friend!

    I would have apologized and wept a tear too for the little furry one too. I always pause a second to say a prayer for the critters I find dead on the roadside. Maybe it's to acknowledge their life, now snuffed, was noticed by someone on our planet.

    Ohhh... I am sorry about you and the deer encounter... for both you, your car and the deer.

    What color is Ingrid, maybe deer can't 'see' that colour properly?

    Saying a prayer for the shock and trauma of it all to just fall away.