Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miss Potter

I love painting with watercolors, I use acrylics and have used oils and lord knows I have done a lot of pencil drawings.......but watercolors for me are magic.
Tonight, after we got home from the Frog Festival (which was a huge success and great fun) Rick and I needed an escape.  We watched Miss Potter, one of the most beautiful, poignant films.  It is about Beatrix Potter's life, her stories, art work and the incredible gift of land she gave to the English people.

As I sat and watched the movie, I realized that my love of watercolors came straight from the Peter Rabbit books that I had loved as a child.  I always wanted my art work to have that saturation of color, yet a very fragile feel also.  I have a couple of children's stories that I have written, tucked away in my box of love and dreams.  Maybe it is time, to dust them off, and add some art to them.

Beatrix Potter was so ahead of her time, not only in her personal life, but buying beautiful old farms, preserving them in their working state, and then leaving them to the English people so that the countryside could be enjoyed by generations.

If your spirits need lifting on a rainy cold night, I suggest Miss Potter.  It is not a new movie, but the cinematography is wonderful, the story is uplifting......and if you like me, loved Peter Rabbit and all his friends,  it will be a  much needed visit with old friends.


  1. Glad you had a great festival for Frogs! LOL!!

    Beatrix Potter is one of my fave authors too! take care

  2. I am an Englishman who does a lot of hiking in the Lake District yet I have never read Potter. I am ashamed.

  3. Are you serious.... Miss Potter too?

    I'm following for sure. I love wind in the willows as well. Love the English country sense.