Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Cup of Tea

A hot cup of tea......tonight it is rose and cinnamon, just the thing after a long day.  My body has not recovered from the past week-end of intense yoga training.....well, considering it was my first workshop since treatments had started, for me it was intense.

What is it about a cup of tea that makes everything seem alright?  A  cup of tea and a piece of toast seems to be the food of gods, after you've been ill.  A cup of tea, when the mind is weary, the body exhausted......tea is the soothing balm.

My friend Jackie loves her blueberry bliss, Rick loves chamomile, and some days only red zinger will do for me.  But, when I need comfort.......rose is what I reach for.  If you look in our pantry it looks like a tea store, everything from peppermint to sage......but I promise, I will have a tea for whatever ails you.

My cup is almost empty, and I feel the the weariness of the day leaving my body and my mind.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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