Monday, October 22, 2012

Express Gratitude

"Gratitude is the sign of noble souls."   - Aesop

I know, you're thinking that I sure do write a lot about gratitude.......I can't help myself, I know personally how gratitude can change your life.  We can sit around and complain, we can see the bad in everything, and never be grateful......and that is how our life will be forever.

We can look for the beauty, and be grateful for every blue sky, and every child's smile......we can be grateful, we can choose joy, and live a remarkable life.  Gratitude is a game changer.  Gratitude will help you pray for blessings for those you once considered unworthy of blessings.  Gratitude will make you kinder.  Gratitude will give you courage to pursue your dreams.  Gratitude will give you tolerance,
it will teach you to let go of judgements and expectations.  Gratitude will help you let go of hate and anger.

Start tonight, write down five reasons to be this every day for a month.  You will begin to see not only the beauty in all that is around you, you will see the miracle that we call life.
Write down five things, people, reasons, your gratitude......find your nobility.

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  1. You are so correct. Having a gratitude list is and should be what we all fouce, even if gratitude is just be grateful you got up. At least for me. 1 in 10 do not .... I
    Today i kept Grantley and Kloey , for 2 hours they were full of life and energy, lots of energy. So for the 2 hours I was grateful they were happy, we made tints, a sucker flower pot. and ran............. sang our ABC's and today that was the best 2 hours. Last week i laid in the
    bed with my daughter that is almost 18 because she had a headache. I am not grateful she had a headache , but i am grateful I had her for just a few minutes in our bed like it was when she was little. No matter how I feel or how sad, one smile one smile from them caused by me is my best medicine in the world. And know I will have yoga on Thursday and knowing things like that continues on no matter what people think of me... So I go on, One day at a time. You are on the top of my Gratitude list. you know.