Sunday, October 28, 2012

Radio Show

So much fun tonight listening to ourselves on the radio!  There is a show here called "Music From Home" featuring Alabama musicians, hosted by Dale Short.  Dale did a special Halloween show tonight and he played our two newest songs, Tattooed Soul and Cry Baby Hollow.
Always a treat to listen to his show, but really special when we are on it!  Rick also read one of his columns.   If any of you would like to listen to the show, it's about an's the link.
Music From Home Halloween

Sitting here sipping on Blueberry tea that my sister brought me from Maine last week.  It is wonderful.......especially since I picked up a cold somewhere this weekend.  Still very tired from the Scary Fish Fry yesterday, so I think this is it for me tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I skipped to your songs! LOL!! 38 minutes in and 45-ish! in! Hooorah!

    Beautiful!!! I am so so so impressed - they are both lovely songs - very sad and haunting in a poignant way. Take care

  2. Loved it! You guys are really good! Loved the story by Rick too! Have a good Halloween week!