Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

October the sand in your hourglass falling through as quickly as it is in mine?  This is the tenth month of did it happen?  For me, my calendar this year has been  marked by treatment dates and doctor visits and gigs played.  Sadly more treatments and doc visits than gigs but so it goes.

October 1..... this would have been my parents 70th Wedding Anniversary.  I miss them both so very much.

October 1......rain and warm muggy weather today, chilly tonight.  Touches of color painting leaves,
yellow black eyed Susans, purple beauty berries.  A silvery moon with threads of clouds floating by.

October 1......our first red, sweet crispy apples right  off the tree.

October 1......days are shorter, sunlight comes through my bedroom windows later each morning.....and that first mug of coffee tastes even better when the morning has a chill.

October 1........a new page in my daily planner, a new page on the calendar.  Time for pumpkins and witches,  for gorging on candy, and the smell of leaves burning, for sweaters and boots, for smores and hot cider, and trips to corn mazes.

October favorite time of the year.


  1. Happy 1st of October! Take care

  2. I love this month and already it's full of things I have to do..want to do..will do...and should do! I'll check back on the 31st! It is getting darker. I drove to work totally in the dark this morning for the first time. That's the only part of fall I really don't like. Shorter days. The apples here are not the best because of the drought but I do love one fresh off the tree. Enjoy!