Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Old??????

It has been an unsettling, trying day.  Frankly, I am really upset with my body tonight.
For years, I have "done all the right things".......and honestly, at this point it doesn't seem to matter.
I had quite a come-apart with a doctor today.......I told him if I had known that all this stuff I had done through the years was not going to work.......and yes, I told him the following....."I would have smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish, never have exercised, and eaten as much of any thing that I damn well pleased."

Of course, his reply, was......"well, just  think of what kind of shape you would be if you hadn't done all the right stuff."  And then.......he had the audacity to tell me I was just getting old.  Ha!

Lots of breath work, lots of "discussing" with Rick.  Thank god, tomorrow is another day.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Jilda,
    Well, your honesty made me smile. all I can say is " the other side of the hill."
    Those of us who have already been here awhile have discovered we can still laugh. :) Mostly at ourselves and each other. :)

  2. You're not getting old, just more mature! :-) Take care

  3. Sometimes when doctors don't have answers, they fall into misconceptions. By the same token, I have to say that no matter how well we treat our bodies, this is not a guarantee that we will be healthy. We do not have control over it. Control is an illusion. We just don't have control over it. This does not mean that we should not take care of ourselves, of course. I have also been on the other side of the hill...